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Advanced audience segmentation, ad split testing and conversion-focused landing pages will have you making more money from your paid social campaigns.

Paid Social results

Over 700% Growth in Leads

Better strategy, quicker implementation & better paid social ROI

Paid social is one of the highest ROI marketing channels available to a business. Our consultants leverage this channel and provide a proven strategy, data based audience segmentation, ad writing (and testing), and even the page the user is taken to after the click. We ensure your campaign achieves the highest ROI possible.

Audience Segmentation

All traffic is not created equal. Our consultants do thorough research to help understand both your current and prospective audience. We dig deep in the data to understand their wants, needs, and behaviors. We then use that data to segment the audience to match the right audience with the right offer at the right point of the sales cycle.

Custom Designed Landing Pages

Facebook advertising is much more profitable when you’re testing ads and landing pages at the same time. That is why we have a team of designers who create and code beautiful and highly functional landing pages. These pages are specifically designed to load quickly and to turn site visitors into customers.

Competitor Research

Your paid social campaigns do not exist in a vacuum. We have created a proprietary audit to uncover how your competitors use the social networks and look at their marketing through the eyes of your prospects. By researching your competitors audiences, ads and landing pages we are able to leverage their learnings, avoid their mistakes and give you a jump start on your campaigns.

Ad Testing

The ad testing strategy dictates that we test different ad copy, formats, images, videos, offers and audiences in order to find the most profitable combinations. We've built a proprietary ad testing tool that allows us to use advanced Google Search Query Language to understand which variables impact your bottom line. We then design and split test ad changes that have a true business impact.

fb Tracking and Pixel Installation

We first build a measurement plan that clearly lays out your campaign goals, key performance indicators, and tracking methods. We then install the facebook pixel across your properties and create custom conversion. We use the data generated from the pixel and custom conversions to gain insightson how your campaign performs and to better understand your audience to systematically improve your camp

fb Custom Dashboard Reports

We've built a proprietary and easy to understand report that updates in real-time. This report pulls relevant paid social data about how your campaign is performing. Or report includes business data such as your actual sales and leads (so you can do lead scoring) as well as call tracking, so you know what makes your phone ring. We also send you weekly updates, so you know exactly what is going on.

"We've nearly doubled our membership and are in a fantastic position thanks to your magic facebook formula."

Why Work with Us?



An agency is only as good as its processes. We have proven plans, processes and frameworks that get business results. Our methodology and campaigns have been tested across markets (and even across international borders) and are known winners.


We get business results

You may have tried paid social in the past or used a company, and that got you a bunch of clicks and no sales. We get you the sales instead of just clicks and pay for ourselves quickly. We have a paid social framework that provides real-world business results to real-world businesses every day. We have a full list of case studies to verify our work.



NDIB is a known industry thought leader. We consistently write for the biggest industry publications and speak at the events that other agencies learn from.

Frequently asked questions

After our consultation and we understand what you need, we put together a proposal that will have an agreed upon a flat fee. We chose to work in a flat fee because we hate being nickel and dimed and won’t do that to our customers. We want to give you everything to succeed. This flat fee includes everything you need to be successful (ad writing, landing pages, analytics, etc).

Typically most clients see their first lead or sale the day the campaign launches. Time to launch is typically 10 business days (2 weeks). We use the lean start-up framework of moving quickly and validating ideas with real-world customer data.

Typically our clients do get the results they want (this is how we stay in business!), and a lot of this has to do with setting realistic expectations at the beginning of the engagement. We only require a 3 month contract, then we go month-to-month afterward so your exposure to risk is lowered.

Unlike other agencies, we give you everything and it is yours to use as you see fit. You own your creative, landing pages and ads.

Yes, depending on your business need we do.

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