Case study

How Cloud Medical Doubled Their Membership With A Yes Ladder Landing Page

The business:

Cloud Medical Center is a functionally-informed, Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice based in Boulder County, Colorado.  Their patients are high-performance individuals, families, and businesses who seek to maintain and enhance their health, vitality, and quality of life. 

Their innovative model breathes life and integrity back into the practice of medicine and celebrates the doctor-patient relationship, in which health is a collaboration.

the business challenge:

Direct Primary Care is a newer model of healthcare and Cloud Medical needed to both raise awareness of this type of healthcare as well as drive new prospects to consults.

They needed an agency that could get them results. After working with them for less than one quarter we were able to more than double their membership.

How we did it:

  • Custom Yes Ladder Landing Page
  • Geographic Bid Targeting
  • facebook Dark Posting for Comments
  • Lead Scoring and Tracking

the Results

Cloud Medical was able to double their membership and gain additional insights about the type of prospects who are interested in direct primary care.

"We've nearly doubled our membership and are in a fantastic position thanks to your magic facebook formula"
Dr. David Tusek
Founder | Cloud Medical
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