Analytics and Data Visualization

Build, measure, understand, visualize, and learn. Then use that learning to make faster and more accurate business decisions to increase profit quickly. 

Analytics and data visualization results

Increased Qualified Leads by 133%

Better Data for Superior Insights and More profitable business Decisions and results

To capture, analyze, and use data from your site and properties for more informed business decisions your digital tracking platforms have to be installed and configured correctly first. Our analytics certified consultants follow a structured process to proactively install, configure, and report the metrics you need to understand your business more accurately and make more informed business decisions quicker.

Answers to Your Business Questions

Our analytics reports are carefully mined, reported, analyzed, and annotated to provide meaningful insights about what the data means, user behavior, and how to take action from that data. We avoid vanity metrics that make cool charts, but don't make you more money. All this data is used to inform business decisions to help you meet your customers' needs and improve your return on investment.

The Measurement plan

Before we install even a single pixel, we consult with you to create a strategic measurement plan. This strategic measurement plan documents your business goals from the site, key performance indicators, and tracking methods. This plan informs us of exactly what you need to track and how to track it - it also lets us know of any current "blind spots" in your existing tracking platforms to see data you would like to have track, but is not tracking yet.

Actionable Data Visualization

We choose to use Google Data Studio, which is Google's advanced data visualization tool. It allows for us to take all of your reporting inputs (for example, facebook, linkedIn, your site) and "blend" into one reporting solution. We are able to visualize your data in a variety of ways by building custom charts, graphs, reports, and calculations based on your goals, KPIs, and input from the client.

Custom Tailored Reporting

We build you a custom report that updates in real-time in Google Data Studio. This report receives input from all of your data sources to understand your entire marketing system and how it all works together. Using the powerful visualizations available in GDS, we're able to build custom reports that communicate your marketing performance and ROI quickly. All of your data is in one place, and it is easily understandable.

Correct Installation

Our analytics consultants are certified and have been through rigorous analytics and data visualization training. We have a process to handle advanced technical analytics tasks like configuring phone call tracking, cross-platform tracking, debugging and Google Tag Manager implementation. We aim to improve the quality of your data to help you make more informed business decisions and answer tough customer questions.

Audit and Review

Our consultants use a proprietary audit we created that looks at all of your analytics platforms to understand the data you're collect and what data you're missing. Using your strategic measurement plan, and this audit, we're able to provide detailed recommendations to clearly lay out a technical roadmap to improve the quality of your data and prioritize what needs to be measured to be most effective for your business.

"NDIB's ability to dive deep into data and pull out the golden nuggets really proved to me that they are the real deal. It's given us a better understanding of our customers and in doing so, has given us a clear roadmap on where to find more of them."

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An agency is only as good as its processes. We have proven plans, processes, and frameworks that get business results. Our methodology and campaigns have been tested across markets (and even across international borders) and are known winners.


We get business results

You may have tried marketing in the past or used a company, and that got you a bunch of clicks and no sales. We get you sales instead of just clicks and pay for ourselves quickly. We have a framework that provides real-world business results to real-world businesses every day. We have a full list of case studies to verify our work.



Nerds Do It Better is a known industry thought leader. We consistently write for the biggest industry publications and speak at the events that other agencies learn from.

Frequently asked questions

After our consultation and discussion with you regarding your needs and goals, we put together a proposal that has an agreed-upon flat transparent fee. We chose to work in a flat fee because we hate being nickel and dimed and won’t do that to our customers. This flat fee includes everything you need to be successful (ad writing, landing pages, analytics, etc). We want to be a complete solution for you.

Typically most clients see their first lead or sale the day the campaign launches. Time to launch generally is 10 business days (2 weeks). We use the lean start-up framework of moving quickly and validating with real-world customer data.

Unlike other agencies, we give you everything and it is yours to use as you see fit. You own your creative, landing pages and ads.

Yes, depending on your unique business needs.

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