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A Proven Paid Search Framework that Produces Real-World Business Results.

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our paid search framework

Our certified experts are able to deliver the most profitable paid search services to our clients because we have developed a streamlined, repeatable and proprietary paid search process. This system was developed at Harvard, and we put it to work for you to generate more sales and profit on a consistent basis in a cost-effective way.

Account Structure

We utilize our proprietary methodology called the Unique ad Constrainment Methodology. This methodology constrains Google to ensure the search network can only show one tailored ad, for one specific keyword to ensure a perfect ad to keyword message match.

Full Funnel Strategy

Our paid search strategy gets you clients, not clicks. Unlike most agencies whose job ends after the click, we have a full-funnel strategy and create custom landing pages to control the user experience before, during, and after that click to turn a site click into a sale.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the cornerstone of any paid search campaign. They tell Google when your ads show. We use advanced data analysis formulas to meticulously research and find the most profitable potential keywords. We also look at the competitive landscape of your competitors' keywords and ads to get a clear picture of what is working and what is not.

Conversion Copywriting

We have a framework to write paid search ads that consistently get clicks. Google rewards these high click through rates with a high quality score. This high quality score tells Google you are a valued and legit company, and your ads show more often, and you pay less when they do.


As the data comes in from Google Ads, we take action with speed and a sense of purpose. We utilize machine learning to uncover the keywords and ads that produce revenue and put more budget to them. We ruthlessly cut those keywords that underperform.

Custom Reports

We've built a proprietary and easy to understand report that updates in real-time. This report pulls relevant paid search data about how your campaign is performing. Our report includes business data such as your actual sales and leads (so you can do lead scoring) and call tracking, so you know what makes your phone ring. We also send you weekly updates, so you know exactly what is going on.

"NDIB has done wonders for our marketing campaign! They brought in more leads in their first month on the job than the past 6 months combined. Bravo!"
Carmel Legacy
Kukui'ula Luxury Real Estate

Why Work with Us?



An agency is only as good as its processes. We have proven plans, processes, and frameworks that get business results. Our methodology and campaigns have been tested across markets (and even across international borders) and are known winners.


We get business results

You may have tried paid search in the past or used a company that got you a bunch of clicks and no sales. We get you the sales instead of just clicks and pay for ourselves quickly. We have a paid search framework that provides real-world business results to real-world businesses every day. We have a full list of case studies to verify our work.



NDIB is a known industry thought leader. We consistently write for the most significant industry publications and speak at the events that other agencies learn from.

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