Case study

How R And D Paving Decreased Their Cost Per Acquisition By 69.31%

The business:

R&D Paving, Inc. is a family owned and operated local business, providing paving and snow services to the greater New Hampshire area.

Founded in 1990 by brothers Richard and Donald DuBreuil, the company is still centered in Franklin, NH and focuses on the core values and principles on which the company was founded.

the business challenge:

R and D came to NDIB to help them get more qualified leads at a cheaper cost per acquisition. 

We were able to work together with R and D to reduce the cost per lead by 69.31% while driving more calls. We will also able to increase the number of valuable call leads and increase the click through rate by 304.30%!

How we did it:

  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion on the Landing Pages
  • Call Tracking and Reporting on the Keyword Level 
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Advanced Segmentation

the Results

 R and D Paving Decreased Their Cost Per Acquisition by 69.31%

Increase in click through rate
+ 303 %
Decrease in cost per click
- 78.54 %
Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition
- 69.31 %
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