Case study

Braces Buyers Club Finds New Prospects With Customized Storytelling Ad Funnel​

The business:

Braces Buyers Club (BBC) uses the power of large group pricing to deliver the deepest discounts anywhere for quality orthodontic braces from quality doctors.

the business challenge:

Before working with NDIB, Braces Buyers Club had tried facebook ads unsuccessfully.

NDIB performed a data audit and found that users didn’t understand what the club was and how it could benefit them.

NDIB created a custom tool to allow BBC to tell the story of how they work as well as how much prospects could save.

How we did it:

  • Storytelling Ad Sequence
  • Custom Tool Creation 
  • Yes Ladder Landing Page Funnel
  • Custom Audiences

the Results

BBC was able to drive new qualified leads, get proprietary data on them, and easily demonstrate the savings it provides.

Increase in conversion volume
+ 266.67 %
Decrease in cost per acquisition​
- 64.5 %
Increase in click through rate​
+ 442.7 %
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