What We Do

We help businesses make more money using
digital advertising, conversion rate optimization and advanced statistical analysis.

Strategy and Audience

We work with you to choose the right offer with the right audience for profitability. From there we select the keywords, audience traits and networks that will work best. We create all the ad copy and images so you don't have to.

Custom Landing Pages

We create custom beautiful landing pages tailored for your company and campaigns. They will look like they came from your company with your font, colors, etc. but are designed to get visitors to convert.

Tracking Reporting and Optimizing

We use custom built formulas and report on data in real time. From this data we make decisions with you. All decisions are based on statistical analysis so there is less guessing and more profit.

“I couldn’t be happier with the results I’m getting with my targeted ad campaign. The leads came in immediately and everything they said they would do they did.  Now, the conversion is up to me.  While I value the leads and new opportunities I now have, I am much more thankful for being introduced to NDIB.  It is not easy to find a team who is transparent about what they will be able to do without overselling or promising that which can’t be delivered.  While I wish NDIB a great deal of fortune, I pray it’s not with my competitors. If you are not using NDIB, you should. If you are using NDIB, you should continue to.”

Joe McShane

Compass Real Estate